Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tiny Home Living: The first few days...

The first few days in Wholehearted House have been fully alive and wholehearted – and not exactly easy.

Transitions are often hard. Humans don't usually take kindly to change. And this change has been accompanied by more than a few tears.
And by rain.
More rain.
Followed by sleet mixed with snow.
Followed by rain.
And this morning, snow.

The wintry Tiny Home in April.

Four days of it, going on five. Heavy and miserable. The ground is sodden, the brook swollen.

If this were a novel, the weather could be a device to show my grief for my recently-ended relationship, or to show the washing away of my old life as I make a clean slate of it, and then the eventual freezing of my heart. But this is not a novel. This is real life. And although I feel grief and also feel parts of my old life washing away, the rain has just been rain: a cold, wet, windy, incessant, annoying pain in the ass. And my heart is not even the tiniest bit cold or frozen.

Despite the rain, I am here and Salinger is here and we are finding ourselves pretty well-suited, overall. Sure, Sal hid under the fridge with all the wires for the first day, but that's pretty typical cat behaviour. I've since closed that area off with cardboard and tape (which is pretty typical human behaviour).

I've shed a few tears and felt rather fragile. I have let myself have those feelings and they are passing off. 

And I've received countless kindnesses: hugs, visits and a cooked supper with cider and cookies from my various landmates. My massage therapist (also a good friend) called me up when I completely forgot about my massage on Sunday morning, rescheduled it for an hour later and let me cry on her shoulder when I got there. I've had many Facebook messages and countless offers of places to have hot showers. I live in a profoundly embracing, generous neighbourhood and feel surrounded by good and caring friends.

And, I have the fortune of being able to make my move slowly. Right now, it's pretty minimal in here. I have my bed, two comfy chairs and 6 folding chairs in the Tiny House. I have a few bits of food, my cutlery, some knives and a cutting board, some tea towels and a set of fire irons.

I have my old place until May 31 so I have lots of time to continue to use it as an office and as a place to recharge my laptop and phone and to weed out all of my things. One of my big typesetting projects got put to bed a couple of days ago, so I will have more time to invest in my move. I am looking forward to embracing this life more and more fully. And always with a whole heart.


  1. Oh Alex, it's a huge thing, moving, even when the destination is tiny. Especially when it's tiny, I'm thinking. So glad you have a big old cat, and generous neighbours, and most of all a big, wholehearted heart. Thank you for sharing - I agree with Janet, it's a great blog!

    1. Thanks very much, Diane! I'm feeling more settled with everyday and feel so glad to know you are reading along <3!