Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Move: Part 4 (Surprise!)

Wholehearted House is home!

When we failed to move the Wholehearted House a couple of weeks ago, I resigned myself to moving her in the spring. I was disappointed, sure, but it wasn't the end of the world. I don't have to move out of my current rented home until May 31, so I felt I had lots of time to get an alternative sorted. 

Moving her in the spring would be more awkward, and less pleasant than having her moved by Adam, but Adam is going away and that was an end to it. I remembered to accept the things I cannot change and let it go. 

And then, today, as I was driving home from town (where I did mundane things like visiting the osteopath and getting a rock chip in my windshield repaired), I received a text message from Adam, informing me that he had been to inspect the driveway at Pennybrook and thought there was adequate traction to move the house and would I like to?

Yes!!!!!!!!!! I replied, with about that many exclamation marks. 

And so, at about 2:45 today, Adam arrived in West Dublin, towing my tiny home from her previous location in Green Bay.

As you might remember from The Move: Part 1, there were several challenges to face on the way up to the tiny home's new home. The first was a sharp curve in the lower stretch of the driveway. Adam approached it slowly and tried three times to find a good angle that would keep the trailer's wheels away from the ditch, but the curve was inflexible. In the end, we inched along and counted on the delicate strength of these stems to hold the wheel on the road – and they did!

The next big challenge was coming up the final stretch of hill. There was a big rock that the trailer rose up on – after it had almost bottomed out, coming within 1/4 inch of the rock!

And, then, there was a low branch to clear. Scratch, scrape, snap! We lost a small branch, but we made it through with the chimney intact and in place. 

A little maneuvering at the top of the hill and we got the trailer facing south(ish) and pointed at the Pennybrook festival stage. (See the giant awning waiting to be unrolled? There is going to be some sweet VIP seating there this summer)

I had my very first hands-on experience with a jack today as Adam and I jacked 'er up and got 'er level. We assembled the stove and stove pipe and she is good to go. 

I want to move in to Wholehearted House RIGHT NOW, but I have too many work commitments that will keep me tied to my Internet connection and on-grid electrical connection for a couple more months. Plus, I have to sort all of my belongings and prepare to part with about 75% of them. 

Stay tuned for info about my giant sale and music show on April 26th at the West Dublin Hall when I will sell off all of my unwanted belongings!

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