Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Move: Part 3 (In which the Wholehearted House does not move)


We couldn't move the tiny home today, either.

Everyone pitched in yesterday to try to clear the driveway and there was a decent freeze last night, but there was too much snow and hard-packed ice – and not enough traction.

Fortunately, we were sensible enough to realize the futility of the task at the outset and didn't even try to move the house. If the truck alone was going to spin out on the hill, there was no way it could make it up hauling the trailer.

With two more feet of snow currently falling, the project of moving the house has been postponed to an undetermined future date.

I was so excited. And now I am understandably disappointed. However, I'm on a pretty even keel, after working through a lot of my worries and vulnerability over the past couple of days.

My sense of proportion is intact. This is just a small set back. Wholehearted House will get moved, eventually, one way or another.

And I wasn't planning to move myself into the house until April or May, so I still have lots of time.

This is the first drawback I've encountered with the tiny house. A conventional house generally comes with a piece of land, but a tiny house often needs to find a location and be moved there. I've been lucky enough to be invited on to the land of some good friends, but getting the house there, especially in winter, is another matter.

On a brighter note

My disappointment was soothed by a visit to Wholehearted House in its current location. It's looking wonderful (why didn't I remember to take pictures?) and I believe it's going to suit me down to the ground once I get it moved and get moved in.

I've contracted Adam Kirk, the fellow who did such an amazing job on the conversion and sold the tiny home to me, to make a few additions. He's built a tiny-perfect closet and several beautiful shelves since my last visit. We also did some more orientation today, including a lesson on how to lower and raise the massive awning that extends out to one side.

It may not be up on its hill yet, but I can already picture it there on a bright, sunny, summer day, awning extended, breeze blowing through all the windows and me lounging out front takin' 'er easy.

Ah, let the winter storm winds howl – I'm staying in that summer day for just a little while longer...