Thursday, June 16, 2016

The shed: Part 3 (A Tiny Home/Land Development Report

It's been a busy week! Saturday and Monday were wrapping and shingling.
By Tuesday, only the back and edges still needed to be shingled:
Yesterday, the shed was basically completely finished! There are only a couple of little touches left to be added. One week from nothing to beautiful shed – amazing!
This morning, the electricians came and did most of the work needed to hook up power.
The meter case being installed on the back of the shed

The roof sprouts wires!
My mostly-assembled electrical panel
Of course, there are still quite a few stages to complete.

The electricians will be back tomorrow to complete their work.

The shed will be inspected on Monday.

The power company will come to install the power poles and lines and then hook the shed up with electricty. I've been told to expect that I should have power in two weeks – or less! Super-exciting!

Editorial note: I linked to Tilia Builders in part 2 of this series, but didn't link to them again here and they deserve huge thanks and big shout-outs for their impressively quick, high-quality, extremely beautiful work! 

Also, here are links to Part 2 and Part 1 of this series for anyone who missed them.


  1. Wow, that's just so cool. Are you going to connect your tiny home to the shed for some power?

    1. Yep!!! Once the power is hooked up, I just need to run an extension cord to the tiny home :)