Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I love Freewill Astrology

I've been reading Rob Breszny's Freewill Astrology for over 20 years. I used to read it weekly in NOW Magazine when I was going to university in Toronto. I often felt like Mr. Breszny might be following me around (in the kindest, most concerned and least creepy way imaginable). He seemed to know when I was heartbroken and when my heart was soaring.

On more than one occasion, I clipped out one of his horoscopes and pinned it up as a reminder. I still remember one I cut out many years ago, one that said, Burn the book of love you've been using, it's not smart enough for you.

For the past eight months, I've been typesetting a few pages of The Grapevine, including the horoscope page, syndicated from – you guessed it – Rob Breszny. This means that every two weeks, I get to see my horoscope early, which is a serious perk.

When I saw my horoscope for the week of December 25, I melted. Now that it's up on the Freewill Astrology web site, I feel that it's okay to talk about it.

It says that I will attract love and luck by being good next year –  "by expressing generosity, deepening [my] compassion, cultivating integrity, and working for justice and truth and beauty". Since this is exactly what I would like to do next year (and always), I feel very affirmed in my expectation that those actions will be rewarded in 2015.

Now, I'm not a huge horoscope believer. (I admit, I do see some similarities between people with particular sun signs and I don't think it's entirely a conincidence that the vast majority of my friends are Piscean and Aquarian, but really, it doesn't dictate my life or anything). What I do believe in is a weekly injection of optimism with a gentle (and often poetic or thought-provoking) spurring on to higher understanding and working for justice and truth and beauty.

To my mind, that is what Rob Breszny provides.

And I love it.

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