Friday, May 19, 2017


I'm in the process of moving from my winter digs back the The Crooked Wood. So far, I've brought a couple of loads of stuff. Still lots more to go.

Today, Salinger and I have come to stay and I can feel that my heart has instantly relocated.

It's a powerful feeling, the feeling of being here. The automatic shift that takes place inside me – body, heart, mind and spirit – challenges me to describe it. It is in the unconscious lengthening of my breath, the unwinding of my muscles, the music of the tree frogs, the sweet pine smell of my house, the soft warm air, the loose clothing I'm wearing, the gentle glow of the single lamp by my computer, the darkness outside – and soon within.

An occasional car whooshes by up on the road, a trill stands out from the peeper chorus, I feel my body relax another notch.

I am safe here (from everything except blackfly bites).

This place is calm and peaceful and easy and right.


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