Monday, April 25, 2016

DriveWAAAAAAAAYYYY! (A Tiny Home/Land Development Update)

I dashed over to my land this morning, early enough to get there and back almost before my clients located in other time zones noticed that I was away from my desk.

As I approached my land, I saw the "truck turning" sign and thought, that sign is for MY work on MY land!!!

Ask not for whom the truck turns,
it turns for me.

By the time I arrived, two loads of fill had already been added between the road and the driveway. I have never felt prouder or more excited about a pile of dirt. 

Dear dirt, you complete me.

This is actually happening!

I am feeling delighted and excited and jubilant (and just a tiny bit nervous – can I do this?)

Yes, I can. With a lot of help from my friends and neighbours – and some very heavy equipment.