Thursday, February 4, 2016

30 Days of Hustle – Report

A little more than 30 days ago, I posted that I was embarking on a program called the 30 Days of Hustle.

This is a motivational challenge to boost productivity (learn more at I decided to focus my hustle on picking up the quilting hobby I dropped cold about 8 years ago and completing as many quilt tops as I could.

I finished THREE and made progress on a fourth.

I was impressed by the 30 Days of Hustle process – the videos, exercises and the camaraderie of the private Facebook group. It turned out that doing it was so much easier than thinking about doing it. After all, one of the quilt tops was only about 4 hours from completion, the other two about 6 hours each.

It certainly helped that I spent those hours in very good company with the wonderful staff at The Lunenburg Makery. (Big shout out to Rita, Kat and Jo)

Things are getting busier with my day job now, but I feel like I still have some hustle in me. In the course of doing this project, I found still MORE unfinished quilt projects, including 2 more sets of inherited quilt blocks, so I'm going to keep hustling on them at the Makery, as my schedule permits.

I also learned that there is woman nearby who runs a quilt shop and does long-arm quilting for a reasonable price, so as soon as I can afford her services (and batting and backing), I will skip my least favourite part of the quilting process and have these tops quilted for me.

Happily, I also learned that I still enjoy the process of piecing a quilt top – or two – or more.

Here are some photos!

Quilt top #1: Colour Wheel baby quilt
Quilt top #2 – double bed-sized log cabin
from inherited quilt blocks
Quilt top #3: single bed-sized quilt with
stereotyped (yuck), appliquéd Dutch children,
made from inherited, hand-worked blocks
Quilt top #4 (in progress): paper-pieced
New York Beauty

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