Sunday, June 14, 2015

Last-minute tax agonies

I swore I wouldn't do my taxes at the last minute again this year.

And here it is, the day before the filing deadline for self-employed individuals and I am knee-deep in receipts. I'm hating every minute of it, too. 

(So much so that writing a blog post about it is a welcome procrastination technique.)

I swear (as I have sworn many times before) that it's not going to be like this next year. Now that I'm using my YNAB budgeting software, all of my expenses are getting entered electronically at least every two-three weeks. So next year, theoretically (i.e if I can keep up the good work), all I'll need to do is run a report, fill out my statement of business activities and file. 

Also, in theory, using YNAB means that I will have saved up enough cash to actually PAY my taxes on time, as well, which is not the case this year. 

I might even file on April 30 next year - or - gasp - earlier?

Well, a person can dream.

Despite my past failures to institute helpful routines for the financial administration of my life, I remain hopeful for the future. And steadfast in the face of the present moment. 

It is not easy. I have bags and bags of receipts, including things that didn't get found when I prepared my 2013 taxes, my 2012 taxes, even my 2011 taxes. 

There are some unhappy memories among those receipts. You wouldn't think something as innocuous as a receipt could be hurtful. But doing my taxes this year kind of feels like someone poking a pin into my heart - over and over again. 


Oh well, I have only myself to blame. If I had dealt with these receipts properly at the time - if they had been sorted and either recorded and filed or burned - I wouldn't have to be going through them now. 

I am hating this, but I am doing it. Even if I have to stay up all night, it will get 'er done and filed on time. That is one promise to myself that I will keep. 

I will never file my taxes late again. 

I swear.

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